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This I Know

Coming Summer 2019

The day Apollo, God of the Sun, sent me a foreboding vision, everything in my life changed. Death shattered my illusion of safety. After witnessing the murder of the Oracle of Delphi, I went from protégé to the Pythia herself. I prayed to the gods for help, but they were useless.
The Christians have slaughtered many of my people, some say in revenge. Others say because the one god is the true God. How can that be? Could one obliterate the many? The god’s warning leaves no room for misinterpretation—the war to come will alter the course of history.
We fight not for the gods, not for ourselves, but for the freedom of choice. What is life without liberty?  If we lose our gods to the One, our civilization will disappear. It is up to me to save our culture, way of life, and people.
No easy feat for a twenty-year-old.
This I Know is a historical fiction novel that depicts the fall of Greek religion to Roman Catholicism.

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The Waters

Coming May 31, 2019

Ezme's story was a blast to write. I'm excited for you to enter this world full of magic, adventure, and friendship (plus a dash of romance).


I’ve always listened to my mother, though we might not agree on some things. As princess, I can only protest so much, and my power is limited. But now the queen has gone too far. An arranged marriage? To my best guy friend?

The queen of the Blue Waters can try to force me into the coupling. She can try to use her magic to control me. But my magic is strong and I’m as stubborn as she is. I’ll find a way to get out of it. It might take time, but I have a plan.

Sink into Ezme’s world and discover what happens when she pushes her mother too far. Will she escape the marriage? Can she fight her mother’s magic?

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About Me

Storyteller at Heart

I’ve been an avid reader my whole life. When I’m not parenting two little children or spending time with my husband, I can often be found reading a book (and drinking a glass of wine). Recently, I found myself imagining worlds and stories to go with them. After a little encouragement from my husband, I bought some writing software and set to work.

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"And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt"

Sylvia Plath

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